Coaching for individual or small group

Types of coaching for individual

Generally speaking, each of my coaching session lasts between 60 - 90 minutes and the coaching programs can be conducted over the phone, via email/Skype chat, face-face, or a combination of the three.

When coaching is conducted over the phone it has the benefits that you can stay in your own comforting surroundings, and it gives a greater degree of flexibility. You don’t even have to be in the same country or in the same time zone.

Face to face coaching is offered subject to the availability.

Coaching for small group

I facilitate innovative learning and coaching in small group. Offering like minded people with common interests or goals. The programs are conducted via teleconference or face to face.

Typically, you will go through a 4 to 6 weeks (once a week) program. Each person will be required to complete a small amount of preparation work prior to each session.

You will find small group learning / coaching highly interactive where you will learn, gain support and share insights with your group in a safe environment.


What is your next step?

We welcome you to contact us and schedule a 20 minutes voice to voice consultation session, free of charge. This session is used to discuss what dreams, challenges or changes you want to achieve and how coaching can benefit you in realising your ideal future.